We have done a lot of experimenting this weekend-with food, clothing, and naptime especially.

On Saturday night Aidan slept nine hours during our nighttime, but he is not adjusted.  He is napping now at 9:30 during what would be his night at home.  Yesterday I took him shopping with PB, RB and MB so that I could get a winter coat and warm shoes for him.  (He loves the shoes, doesn't want anything to do with the coat yet-he has caught a cold)  Anyway, except for a couple of very short catnaps, he stayed up for most of what would be his night.  Then he took a three hour nap (normal for him) and I thought last night would be a solid sleep.  He slept from 10:30 to 3:30.  I must say that we get a lot done between 3:30 and 6:30, but I hope this ends eventually.

In addition to loving his father, he also loves the dog.  We had been warned that most Chinese children were scared, if not petrified, of dogs.  Not this kid.


Lisa Hopkins
11/07/2008 11:03am

So excited to hear about your trip for Aidan. It seems that the results are very positive ,and I can't wait to meet Aidan. The adjustments are going smoothly and New Hampshire agrees with Aidan.Congratulations on your newest grandson and the joy that Aidan that brings you and your family.
Take Care,Lisa


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