Aidan was probably up at 7:00 this morning.  At 9:00 he asked when it was going to be Easter.  I said, it is Easter.  He said, yeah, but when is it going to be time for Easter?  I asked what he meant, and he wanted to know when it was going to be time for him to have his Easter basket.  It was sitting on the counter, he had looked at the contents, and then for two hours he hadn't touched it because he didn't know that it was okay to do so.  This is his third Easter with us, but that just goes to show you that adopted children are different.  I was floored.  He was happy; he dug right into the chocolate bunny (which he requested) and put quite a bit of it away before we left for church!

04/26/2011 3:23am

Morning - yeah - that kind of hits the nail on the head eh? So many things we take for granted but that in reality are learned behavior...and so hard for a youngster to excercise that self control too....hope you're proud of the guy - that was hard!!! ;)

It's easy for us (as adoptive parents) to forget to look at things from our kids eyes!

hugs - aus and co.

April Z.
04/27/2011 5:53am

I agree with the other comment - that's a lot of self control!! It's a good reminder to try and see things through our adopted children's eyes.


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