We got September 20 but had to reschedule because the previous week is the Moon Festival and we would not be able to take care of the provincial stuff.  So September 27 will be our consulate date!

08/22/2011 10:06pm


08/23/2011 4:28am

HOORAH - will you be posting your travel plans? And as always - whatever you might need!

hugs - aus and co.

08/24/2011 6:34pm

I'm so excited for you guys!!!!
I've enjoyed all your posts and love the room you've set up

08/25/2011 3:46am

If we travel around the same time, maybe we'll run into each other in China! From what I know, there is only one other couple traveling with us to China, although we may become part of a larger group when we get there. Hope to see you!


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