Almost two weeks ago my doctor and Aidan's Tiger Scout leader were involved in a head-on collision, each driving the opposite car.  Our Scout leader has a badly broken foot and the other foot is sprained; of the four sons in the vehicle at the time, only one has a major injury-fractured jaw-but not major enough that he lost teeth.  Our doctor's thigh bone is broken and he will not be returning to his practice until the end of June.  This accident coincided almost perfectly with a request from the Chinese government for a follow-up letter to our medical forms.  Our doctor's partner is on vacation until May 9 so our request was sent to the other office of the practice.  Today I got that letter from a doctor there that I do not know.  It actually improves my profile and makes my husband's profile unacceptable for Chinese adoption.  Our doctor had been very specific on the medical form in his choice of language, making sure that he was completely truthful and that our file would be acceptable.  Our agency got our medical forms reviewed last August and were assured that they would be fine.  Our doctor offered to write a letter where he could further explain-the form is limited in space but not limited in time (it doesn't ask if you've had anything in the last two years, it asks if you have ever had any of the following).  We told him no, we were all set.  We're not.  I'm tired.

April Z.
05/07/2011 5:15pm

Ugh! I'm so stinks that there are so many hoops to jump through in this process. You must be incredibly frustrated right now. I'm praying that everything gets worked out quickly!!!

05/08/2011 8:57am

Awww Ruby - we so know the frustration....ack....we'll offer yet another prayer that things will get done in time to get y'all back on track.

But in the meantime - Happy Mother's Day!

hugs - aus and co.

05/11/2011 5:50am

No fun! Big glitch. We had to do the doctor run around as well. Praying you can resolve this soon and get a letter that will clarify.

05/13/2011 5:23pm

Sorry to hear of your paper woes Ruby! Hang in there!


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