I have a week left of summer.  This week was spent almost exclusively on planning my classes for the next three months for a sub.  I won't be out for three months, but since I don' know exactly when I will be out, I have to plan accordingly.

Then I took just a little time for my neglected son.  We went to the movies, saw Captain America and then the "free" Wednesday movie MegaMind, and this week is going to be all about him and the rest of the things I've been neglecting.  That includes cleaning.  To kick it off, I cleaned his room and drawers and decided that while I was at it I would pack Eva's things for China.
I haven't figured out yet whether or not I'll take the floatie device.  With Aidan we took water wings so they packed flat and then we could blow them up-this thing is a space hog.  The backpack is filled with toys; the suitcase is filled with clothes and toiletry items.

I'm still pretty clueless about shoes for her.  I can take a few sizes, but have no idea whether or not they'll stay on her feet where she doesn't walk on her soles.

Now I'll leave you with a picture of my two cowboys.

April Z.
08/14/2011 12:58pm

I love all the cute clothes and I bet Eva's going to love them too! The shoes we brought to China for Libby didn't fit her so she just wore the shoes from the orphanage until we got to Guangzhou where we could buy her some more.


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