Spring is the season of change.  For us that means that Little Baby comes home from college.  If you've never had a child in college, let me explain that they have two of everything-one for their life on campus and one for their life at home-which means that when they're home, you have all sorts of stuff to store with no room to store it in.  Here is what the television room looked like on her first day back (just feet from her bedroom door, of course):
The birds are also back, which I love, though not always at 4:00 in the morning when their song wakes me up. But I saw a hummingbird Sunday and several times a day we see a robin who comes swooping down below the porch roof.  It turns out he/she has been building a nest behind one of our porch chairs, of all places:
Every day last week Aidan anxiously said, have they called yet?  I wish they would call! because he couldn't WAIT to get his glasses once he decided that he wanted glasses (which took all of about five minutes after entering the eye doctor's office and seeing the glasses on display).  So we got his call last night and here he is sporting his new lenses:
And, on the adoption front, we finally got a letter that I think (hope?) will pass muster.  I scanned it in and sent it off yesterday to our agency.  Thank you, Myra, for your help in drafting this!

05/17/2011 5:21am

Congrats all the way around - good to have them 'back in the nest' and real nests too! And it's always good to see!

We're going to have to make our blog private - if you want to join just shoot me an e-mail and I'll send you an invite!

Prayers on the letter!!

hugs - aus and co.

Shelley Nelson
05/17/2011 1:37pm

Glad to hear the letter complication has been cleared up. Adoption paperwork is so stressful. Your son is adorable in his new specks.


April Z.
05/18/2011 12:57pm

Hi Ruby,
I'm glad to hear you got the paperwork straightened out! I'm sure you're relieved to have that done. Your son looks great in his glasses!


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