Aidan has learned to mark events off (like Christmas and his birthday) using days of the week, days away, and seasons.  So he has been pretty desperate for winter to come-bringing Christmas-and for winter to pass-bringing his next birthday.

Last night we finally got some snow.  Only about an inch, but as is typical for first snow, it was really moist and perfect for making snowmen.  Here he is out on the deck last night working on his craft.

And if that isn't good enough, he also lost a second tooth this weekend.  My fifth brother gave me grief when he lost the first because the tooth fairy only left a $1.  My brother asked if the tooth fairy wasn't aware of something called inflation.  I said that yes, the tooth fairy was-she used to leave only 50 cents!
We have a 70% chance of mixed precipitation forecast for tonight and again on Friday.  I hope that this is just Squaw Winter and not the real season coming on, but we have to prepare just in case.  So we did some fall clean-up today and G is going to use the grill tonight so that we can get one last gasp of fall in.

At school, our district has been granted permission by the state to pilot a "blizzard bag" program.  We have the largest geographic district in the state, so the weather can be completely different on one end of the district from the other-requiring a snow day for half but not the other, or requiring a snow day on half and an ice day on the other.  What it means for us is that three "snow days" will actually be school days where the kids and teachers work on-line or, in the event of no online access or multiple kids in one house needing the computer, kids work out of a "blizzard bag" which will hold lessons in hard copy.  We had a meeting scheduled for October 28 to firm up these plans, but it looks like we could need to fast-forward them.  And, of course, we will have more than three snow days total, but three can be used for this.  Ice-outs like last year, where two of our schools lost power for over a week, will be true snow days without blizzard bags in use.

Aidan's school will continue to have the traditional snow days if necessary.  He is going back to school tomorrow after a normal three day weekend (normal in the sense that he was awake and slept normal times, and ran no temperature).

This was vacation week so each child got a day with me.

Monday's Child-Fair of Face-went to  Aidan.  In the morning he had his first trip to the dentist where he got his teeth cleaned.  Then when we got home the County Probate Court called and wanted to see some of his documents in person, so we drove to the capital and showed them, then went sledding at my sister's house before coming home.

Tuesday's Child-Full of Grace-went to RB.  We just hung out here at home and played together, then went and picked Aidan up in the afternoon.

Wednesday's Child-Full of Woe-went to BB.  He was excellent and seemed to have a great time with Grammie, though his poor mother had an absessed wisdom tooth (she has never had a cavity, so imagine her fear-having to have novacaine for the first time at 20 something!).  Aidan stayed home as well.

Thursday's Child-Far to Go-went to MB.  He is a little dumpling and except for a couple of crying jags, was very content.  Aidan stayed home as well. It was a good thing I kept the baby's car seat, because Aidan turned out to have an infection so we had to make a trip to see the doctor in the afternoon.

Friday's Child-Loving and Giving-went to LB. We went to breakfast with G, went shopping for jeans, then she and I went to the movies and saw "Taken" with Liam Neeson, then went shopping for a few things, then picked up both  Aidan and RB at daycare.

Now, on the whole child rhyme, if Aidan's estimated birth date is correct, he was a Wednesday's child-Full of Woe.  How sad is that?  Trust me that it doesn't fit him now-he is as happy and hyper as any other four year old boy!

Some pics are below, but I didn't get the camera out when RB was here.


First, I don't think I mentioned that we got Aidan's green card just after Christmas.  The letter we first received from CIS congratulating us on our new son said to expect the card in about six months.  Instead it came in less than two.

Second, we had our second social worker visit today.  She said that her visit to our house is a social worker's dream.  She said that Aidan was obviously at home here and that this is definitely his home.  When I said we had no problems that were any different from any 4-1/2 year old and mentioned climbing in to bed with us in the middle of the night and one bad day at daycare (the first day), she really couldn't stop smiling.  It helped that he was playing memory game with me when she arrived, then sitting there jabbering away, then hanging all over his father while she visited.


We had three days off which was good, since G and I both had flu bugs of different sorts, and Aidan enjoyed the rest.  LB is the only one who wasn't really hit over the last couple of weeks with anything.  Running the wood stove probably didn't help us any, but you can't beat the price of our wood (free).

We weren't too sick to be contagious, so on Sunday I watched BB while our son went to sign papers for a new (newer used, that is) car, and on Monday RB spent the day with us since his mother did have to work.

I am working on hooking videos up to my site, but here are some photos for now: