An online friend is leaving soon to adopt her child from Anshun City, which is where our daughter is, in Guizhou Province.  She is packing pictures of our daughter to take with her in the hope that she may see her and be able to take some photos for us.  It's a long shot-but it would be really awesome if it worked out!

So I was looking up information on Anshun City, above, and Guizhou in general.  The description is so very Chinese in nature, I just had to share it:

Guizhou is not one thing or another, it's near the border with Vietnam but not on the border and in the mountains but not the high mountains, it has a somewhat transitional climate too, between the tropical and the continental types. It has a great diversity of ethnic minorities which leads to a rich mix of local festivals. It is not really on the tourist trail but has great natural beauty particularly in its rivers and lakes. The famous Huangguoshu Falls are some of China's biggest and finest waterfalls.

The name means mountain region.
There are a little over 37-1/2 million people in the province and the minority population makes up 38% of that-so unlike Aidan's home of Beijing where everyone looked alike (Han) and more like Guangzhou, where we saw a lot of ethnic variety not to mention variety in clothing, hairstyles, food, etc.

Here is a picture of the falls that they mention in the description: