This post is about being a sister.  It is dedicated to Wu Yi and  Eva Yu Qiang.

When I was a little girl I had a sister one year younger than myself named Audrey.  She was very different from me but we were together all the time.  I was smaller than her but I was the big sister so it was my job to love and protect her and I took that job seriously.  We slept together, played together, and did most things together.  Audrey and I have six brothers and three other sisters but our relationship was special because there was only one year between us in age.

As we grew up, we started to have different ideas, interests, and friends.  We got married and had children of our own.  Those people are now our family, too, and we love them very much.  We do everything together with them and it is our job to love and protect them.

Sometimes Audrey and I talk on the phone or visit with one another and it is always wonderful because inside we are still those two girls who slept in the same bed and shared our early years with one another.

Wu Yi was the big sister to Yu Qiang at their home in China.  Wu Yi now has brothers and a mother and father.  They do everything together and her family loves and protects Wu Yi and they take that job seriously.  Soon Yu Qiang will come to live at our home and she will have new brothers and sisters.  We will do everything together and we will love and protect her and we will take that job seriously.

Wu Yi and Yu Qiang will grow up in different places with different families but sometimes they will be able to talk on the phone or send letters to one another and it will be wonderful because inside they will still be those little girls who slept in the same bed and walked to school together and shared their early years in China. 

Sisters are Special.