Just in the last two weeks we've gone from this-so warm that the kids were playing with squirt guns even while there was snow on the ground......
.....to this-two inches of snow mixed with sleet and hail that made driving Aidan's birthday guests to and from the party a dangerous proposition.....
...to one day later-Easter egg hunt....
....to a day of intense heat yesterday (and still 70 degrees at 10 at night)-with enough wind for kites...
...to balmy weather this morning that has now turned to rain.  In New Hampshire we always say, if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change :-)

04/29/2011 4:48am

Morning Ruby - we had 16 straight days of rain - the wettest April in the history of Cincy - even 1937 wasn't as wet....and today the sun shines - probably rain another inch....I need a bush hog to mow the yard....or maybe a baler and I could put it up as hay?

hugs - aus and co.

05/01/2011 2:53pm

What a variety of spring weather! Growing up in Maine, it was about the same. One warm week then back to freezing! Hope the summer temperatures arrive soon for you!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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