It has been gorgeous this week, though it is raining now and is expected to continue for a while.  Here are some of the things we have been up to:
Today was not a beautiful day.  We started out with the best of intentions.  Took Eva to the pediatric orthopaedist for her appointment that was originally scheduled for 8:20, then changed to  1:20, then just this morning changed to 11:00.  Anyway, we got there despite her saying she didn't want to go (she hates riding in cars and it's almost an hour drive).  We got seen about an hour after our appointment time.  Her club feet are too complex for the Ponseti method and the doctor recommended waiting until summer so that she could get acclimated to life here and because she will be wheelchair bound and pretty much lose her mobility when the time comes with hip to toe casts.  Okay.  Of course I agreed with that.  Then he said he wanted a cat scan of her feet and ankles before we see one another again in a couple of weeks.  They managed to get an appointment for 1:00 so we went over to the hospital at 12:30.  We waited about an hour while that receptionist tried to determine if our insurance company had agreed to the pre-cert or if one had been done.  They hadn't been contacted and approval takes 24 hours after the visit so we could not be seen and sure that the cat scan was paid for if we went today.  Took the kids to lunch.  Went to probate court.  Eva's visa says IH-3 instead of IR-3 so they can't process the application to have her foreign adoption validated.  We have to wait for her proof of citizenship to come in the mail for that.  So we came home!

Tonight should be better.  It is storytelling and pajama night at the elementary school and we're sure to have a good time at it.

10/14/2011 3:58am

Man I hate days like that - can't do this or can't fix that or need this piece of paper - yada yada....But - you're home - healthy - and with's all good! Hope y'all had a good time -

hugs - aus and co.


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