Tonight I updated NB's baby book.  There is a place to say who the first people told about the referral were, and what their reaction was.  The book only allows two lines, so I created a Word document to insert between the pages.  Here are the responses:
From Grammie & Grampa -He is something to look forward to.
From Grammie-If I could give him a message, I would tell him, “Welcome”.
From Nancy-What a week!    Life certainly has its way of going on without skipping a beat, doesn't it?   If you need airport transportation, I'm often free.
From Aunt Audrey-You know, I say it but I want you to really know I mean it when I say I love you and I look forward to being an Aunt and helping you anyway I can.
From Uncle Myrl-How do you say crazy in Chinese ?
From Aunt Melody-I think it’s wonderful!
From Patrick-he is a cute little kid.
From Carolyn-Congratulations on your adoption!  He looks like a cute little boy, I can't wait to meet him!
From Uncle Danny-Hi, just wanted to let you know that I think its cool!!
From Cousin Deanna-Your news about your 4 yr old is wonderful.  What a beautiful, exciting experience for him and your family, I’m really happy for you all.
From Cousin Christie-look at the good news about your son.  I think that is great!  Wait until he is able to realize just how much family he is getting....what a surprise and a gift.  For even if sometimes we do not all agree, it is still family!!!
From Blanche-happy to hear about your new son. Congratulations.
From Cousin Kim-Congratulations!!!  I applaud you for being so brave as to adopt and go through the necessary work to get over to China and claim the new member of your family.  I am extremely happy for you and your family.  Good Luck!!!
From Aunt Ruth-Congratulations!!!  What a lucky little boy - especially to be able to grow up with nephews his own age!!!  I really didn't imagine I'd have another nephew...only great-nephews!  The girls will be thrilled!!! Your hard work has paid off!  Congratulations!
From Jan-How exciting about your new son!!!
From Jeremy-The adoption is wonderful.  We would love to meet your new son.  I am glad LB can come with you on this fantastic trip.


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