Our agency told us that we could have a LID for weeks before being notified of it.  Since another family in our group got theirs the first week in March and their LID was March 1, I contacted the agency just in case they had got ours and not notified us.  They had and had not.  So our LID is March 18!    Don't know why it's 2-1/2 weeks after theirs-they were all hand carried to China-but we'll take it :-)

04/06/2011 1:13am

Congrats Ruby!!! FABULOUS news! Let the real wait begin! May your A's be speedy!

04/06/2011 4:53am

Hi Ruby: Glad to find you. Practically neighbors in this small state. We are waiting to bring home our 7 1/2 year old son from China. Congratulations on your LID. We are waiting for I800A right now.

April Z.
04/06/2011 7:35am

Yay! One step closer!!

04/06/2011 5:31pm

It took one month for our dossier to be logged in for Aneyah. I don't understand what took so long but we were just glad to be logged in. Our dossier for Fayth was logged in within a very short time after sending. That took me by surprise. So, now we wait together! I hope for speedy LOAs for both of us!


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