Eva is talking a lot.  So when we were done decorating the tree and she said, Me no like, I thought she meant that she hadn't enjoyed decorating.  So I got out tinsel-she's a tinsel kind of kid-and she helped Aidan and I put it on the tree.  Then she stood back and said, Me no like.  I asked her why, and she said that she liked our youngest grandson's tree.  Aidan said he did too; those grandsons have trucks and firetrucks and things like that for ornaments.  So I guess next year our tree will undergo a transformation to primary color, youthful ornaments.
The weekend before Christmas we returned to the Santa Train but this time with Eva.  Here are the two kids making out their list, surrounded by hot chocolate cups and butter cookies.  Santa joined the train at a crossroads where the reindeer were taking a break so they needed to have the list done before he got to our car.
On the last day of school, the kids had a concert in their multi-purpose room with some pretty great music provided by a band just a few years older than themselves.  I sat with RB because Aidan is too cool for that (although he desperately needs hugs and kisses, and appreciates them, he doesn't want a lot of them) and Eva is just very happy and independent, so she waves, smiles, and comes over to tell me when she needs to go to the bathroom.  RB, on the other hand, has sensory processing disorder and what is music to some people can be clanging noise to him, especially if he's too close to the instruments (he's in kindergarten, so he was in the front row).  So we rocked together.

Oh, and do you remember the song about only wanting two front teeth for Christmas?  Eva pulled out the front tooth that was loose and pestering her but she wouldn't let me take a picture, so this is the best I could get.
Last weekend we went to the Shrine at La Salette, Eva's first trip there, and enjoyed the lights as well as the dining hall :)
This weekend we picked out our tree-the perfect tree takes a while to find, of course.
But with the kids helping, we prevailed.