I was really surprised earlier this month when we were told that travel would happen in early September.  So it is no surprise that it won't be then.  Beijing Civil Affairs is not making any appointments until September 20 and the earliest appointment would be September 22.  Since everything closes for the national holiday from September 29 through October 5, we won't be traveling until at least October 6.  That is better in many ways for LB and I but it means that our son will be living in an orphanage that much longer.


Tonight I updated NB's baby book.  There is a place to say who the first people told about the referral were, and what their reaction was.  The book only allows two lines, so I created a Word document to insert between the pages.  Here are the responses:
From Grammie & Grampa -He is something to look forward to.
From Grammie-If I could give him a message, I would tell him, “Welcome”.
From Nancy-What a week!    Life certainly has its way of going on without skipping a beat, doesn't it?   If you need airport transportation, I'm often free.
From Aunt Audrey-You know, I say it but I want you to really know I mean it when I say I love you and I look forward to being an Aunt and helping you anyway I can.
From Uncle Myrl-How do you say crazy in Chinese ?
From Aunt Melody-I think it’s wonderful!
From Patrick-he is a cute little kid.
From Carolyn-Congratulations on your adoption!  He looks like a cute little boy, I can't wait to meet him!
From Uncle Danny-Hi, just wanted to let you know that I think its cool!!
From Cousin Deanna-Your news about your 4 yr old is wonderful.  What a beautiful, exciting experience for him and your family, I’m really happy for you all.
From Cousin Christie-look at the good news about your son.  I think that is great!  Wait until he is able to realize just how much family he is getting....what a surprise and a gift.  For even if sometimes we do not all agree, it is still family!!!
From Blanche-happy to hear about your new son. Congratulations.
From Cousin Kim-Congratulations!!!  I applaud you for being so brave as to adopt and go through the necessary work to get over to China and claim the new member of your family.  I am extremely happy for you and your family.  Good Luck!!!
From Aunt Ruth-Congratulations!!!  What a lucky little boy - especially to be able to grow up with nephews his own age!!!  I really didn't imagine I'd have another nephew...only great-nephews!  The girls will be thrilled!!! Your hard work has paid off!  Congratulations!
From Jan-How exciting about your new son!!!
From Jeremy-The adoption is wonderful.  We would love to meet your new son.  I am glad LB can come with you on this fantastic trip.


Our agency received our travel approval today.  They are waiting for dates-these are uncertain due to the Olympic games-and as soon as they have them, LB and I can get our visas, etc.