I was with my sister when her daughter was born.  She has always been a special girl.  In high school I had her in both economics and AP US history class as a student.  Sometimes we would ride to school together.  Recently she graduated from college and this fall she will be married.  Sunday her brothers' wives threw her a bridal shower.  Here are a few pictures of Angela (who I call Angie-babe) at her big event:
The good for you side of the food tables
Being greeted by her college friend from New York
Her high school friends (the first three were my students as well)
Youngest female at the party-CB, our granddaughter
Digging in.  This was an adorable basket from her friends where all of the gifts were numbered and had to be opened in order.  They had things like gas relief, earplugs for snoring, etc.
Contest to dress the best bride with toilet paper.  Our group won when we dressed my sister-above-though the desert look on Emmeline was good and Savannah added big balls to her bosom-outrageous!

07/28/2011 7:24am

Looks like a good time - the flower pot serving bowls are clever!

But the big question is were the guys at a stag while the girls were at the shower? ;)

hugs - aus and co.


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