I am struggling with jetlag.  When we went to China we arrived on Saturday night and I started feeling better late Thursday afternoon.  At least this time I didn't have to ride around in the back seat of a car, so I managed to keep my food down (so far).

The weekend was crazy.  I've mentioned having a big family, right?  So there were lots of introductions despite trying to keep Aidan from being overstimulated.  He slept nine hours last night-during the night-and another four this afternoon.  Tonight he finally admitted to being sleepy at 10:30 (11:30 by yesterday's time, so almost noon by Beijing time).

He loves his father.  That, of course, was inevitable-my husband is a great father.


11/03/2008 5:55am

It was a treat to catch up on your journey. I am sorry that you had problems, though that is probably inevitable. I am upset that people were not friendly with you. Thankfully, you are back home with friends and family. You have a fine son there. Enjoy each other!


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