This week the kids went on a field trip to see Sylvester and the Magic Pebble and I went along with them.  Aidan sits in the very back seat with his best buddy.  They are just about the tallest kids in school, if not the very tallest (they are actually the same height, but Aidan is slumped down here).  So they are the "big kids" on the bus despite being only in second grade!

Eva is seated below with a classmate of hers who wanted very much to ride with me.  She ended up joining us after one of the older girls wouldn't leave her alone.  She gets a little smothered by some of the kids because they are fascinated with her.
We got our first snow of the year-not a lot but tonight's storm is making up for it (pictures to follow).  Eva acts like it is Christmas, her birthday, and Halloween all rolled into one!
Speaking of Halloween....
Sorry, can't correct the double flash messing with the grandsons' eyes, but everyone had a good time at the party.  And here are my two little ones on the morning after (Saturday morning cartoons).

10/30/2011 1:10pm

lovin all the Eva smiles!! Everyone looks great! Cute photos!

10/31/2011 3:50am

Great stuff - we've had snow on 10/31 before - but not usually that early - kinda hoping the winter isn't as wet as the summer!

hugs - aus and co.

11/04/2011 7:54am

can you email the name of the place that did the SB file review for us? My computer crashed and I lost it ;( thanks!

April z.
11/07/2011 8:36am

Eva looks so great in all the pictures! I love the princess dress and the picture of her and Aidan watching cartoons together is so precious!


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