Sometimes it seems like days and days have gone by since this or that happened, and it has only been a few.  That's what it has been like since my last post.
On Father's Day we walked some on the Rails to Trails but Aidan was recovering from strep throat, so the highlight for him was going to the train station museum, climbing up into the "lookout" seats in the engine, and buying a t-shirt at the store.
The school year ended and the sun showed up for more than one day in a row.
This meant that the boys discovered some of the weeds on the lawn were actually strawberries.
They probably picked 1/2 a cup after eating.  These are very tiny strawberries, so that's a lot of picking.  They taste so much better than the ones you buy or pay to pick, though!
Tomorrow is the solstice and I plan to enjoy every single minute of it!  

06/22/2011 3:29am

Yeah - I get how time get's past us - and also get the strawberries - well - generally they are gone by the time it's my turn to 'get' - but still I know what you mean!! ;)

Glad he's feeling better - hugs -

aus and co.


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