I am leaving on Friday at dawn.  For those of you who have adopted, you know that this is the stage at which you start to feel like the White Rabbit.  You even start talking like him, "Don't just do something, stand there... Uh... no no! Go go! Go get my gloves! I'm late".

If you understand that, you've been there :)

Fortunately for me, Grange Fair is tomorrow so I can relax-I spent the last few nights calling people for food donations for the ham & bean supper, went to Aidan's open house, had a church officers meeting  and a meeting of the social studies council executive board.  Have also been busy getting things ready for my sub, who is more than competent to take over for me, so that is a big relief.  He also just happens to have adopted from China using the same agency that we are using for Eva.  Amazingly small world, especially because he was living in Wisconsin at the time.  What were the chances of him then moving to New Hampshire just when I needed someone like him to come along?

So I'm sort of ready-you know how that goes.

I'll leave you now with some photos of those that I will leave behind:
Aidan complained that I always have the camera and he never gets to use it, so this is his idea of a self-portrait (remember that he doesn't like having his photo taken, so of course he was being a goofball even for himself as the photographer).

09/09/2011 10:11pm

I'll be with you in spirit Ruby! Can't wait to follow along online! I don't need to send a letter with you since I have the orphanage confirmed email. If Mama and Popo are with Eva (their photos are on my blog on the day we got Wu Yi), tell them Wu YI is doing great and also tell them thanks for taking such good care of her!!!

April Z.
09/10/2011 6:07am

I love Aidan's self portrait! It looks exactly like what my 7 year old would do :) If you get a chance would you also let the nannies know that Libby (An Rui) is doing very well and that we are also very thankful that they took care of her? Also, tell Richard we said "hi". I'll be anxiously awaiting your updates!!

09/10/2011 6:59am

Praying for safety as you travel. I'm so looking forward to following along! Blessings to you and your sweet baby!

09/12/2011 4:06am

I get it - been there - and you won't be ready but you'll leave on time!! ;)
So looking forward to following your journey - and just in case you don't post again before Friday - fair winds and following seas on your travels!

hugs - aus and co.

09/12/2011 4:14am

Praying for safe travels for you!

09/12/2011 7:58pm

so excited you are FINALLY this close to going to China and bringing your sweet girl home!! YEAH! Can't wait to stalk your blog!!!!


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