Aidan slept from 8:30 to 5:30 last night-this is really big news!  I felt completely disoriented this morning from getting such a long stretch of sleep.

The weather today was as fine as a November day in New Hampshire ever gets, and we are expecting rain for the next several days followed by a cold spell, so I took my daughter, her sons, and Aidan to the beach.  We took shovels and pails, snacks and drinks, and spent the morning at the lake in the town beside us.

There are more photos in the Photos section of this webpage, but here are a couple.


Lisa S.Hopkins
12/01/2008 11:11am

Giving you my new Email-3rd one since August
I love to get caught up on the adventures in Danbury. I was very interesting to learn about the life adjustments for AIDAN. It is very hard to imagine the cultural & family adjustments for such a little boy in combination with language.
You are such a dedicated mother.I am so proud to know you Ruby. Aidan will need all the love your family will pour out for him.Please let me know if I can help in any way.
Just read your library blog for the first time,I now have a wish list to start with. I went to Gettysburg the beginning of November & was enthralled with the Cyclorama battle experience. The introduction film on slavery was very moving.The narrator was Morgan appropriate.
Looking forward to seeing you soon..Take Care


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