Tonight we had calling hours for my mother, and I think that my assistant principal summed it up perfectly when he said, "You have an amazing family.  I have never been to such a happy wake in my life!"  We are a very happy family.  The happiest times of my life are those spent with my siblings, and Mom and Dad are directly responsible for the harmony that we enjoy. 

Never doubt that we are people with strong opinions and all kinds of quirks, but we communicate honestly-too honestly sometimes, but we never stop communicating with one another-and we compromise and, most importantly, we forgive one another for being human.

My brother in-law and sister made a 655 picture slide show for the wake.  They also put a bunch of these pictures on a website for friends and family to view.  Feel free to check them out, but do forgive us if we look grungy-a lot of the pictures are after days of raking the cemetery, bringing in hay, clearing land, etc.


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