LB has certain criteria for colleges:

* That the school be small
* That the school have separate accomodations for men and women
* That the school have a Christian affiliation
* That the school have a strong English program and also have a business program
* That the school be within a few hours of a major city

She has found schools meeting her criteria and has been accepted to one in Georgia.  G and I think that is too far away for holidays, vacations, etc., and she has just agreed with that.  She says she doesn't want to be away from Aidan that much.  So she now has to finish her essay for a school in Vermont that was actually her first choice, anyway.  Hopefully she gets in there and will be closer to home.  If she does, all three of our big kids will have gone to the surrounding states:
GB went to Bates in Maine
PB went to Wheaton in Massachusetts
and LB will be in Vermont


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