It is winter carnival week at school and today is the day when kids at LB's school dress up as their favorite character.  So she wanted to be Alice in Wonderland (she actually prefers Alice through the Looking Glass).  I couldn't get material and a pattern until this past weekend, and then the new sewing machine that GB and PB bought me for Christmas kept unthreading itself.  I finally ignored the directions and threaded it in the opposite direction from what they said to do and it worked fine.  That was after a wasted night of struggling with it.  So last night I worked until almost 4:00 a.m. just to get something wearable that resembled the costume (no apron skirt, no hem, no sewing down the bodice lining).  Unfortunately, I had checked the bodice and it fit LB, but she went to bed before I started on the sleeves.  This costume has yards of cloth and gathering!  Here is the result and, although it looks like Alice, it isn't flattering to LB so she didn't end up wearing it to school.


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