Last night we took the dinner cruise on the Pearl River.  Another boat was coming in as we were embarking and our guide told us that last Monday Nicolas Cage was here and rented that entire boat; sounded like it was quite a big deal.

Anyway, the cruise pictures aren't the greatest, but I've posted a few.  Hard to take pictures in the dark while moving :)
Today we had our US Consulate appointment which is so anti-climactic, especially now that we are a Hague country.  I really couldn't believe how little fanfare there is now.  We went through security, sat in the hot airless room waiting to be called by someone behind the glass windows, and before being called a voice on the PA asked us all to stand and take an oath of honesty, promising that our paperwork was true to the best of our knowledge and then explaining what would happen next.  Then the PA turned off, we sat dow, and waited some more.

Once we were called to the window, our paperwork was stamped, sorted, stapled, and we were given a few copies to give to our guide who will pick up our brown envelope tomorrow and then we will present the envelope to immigration on arriving in the States.

That's it.  She's now ours.  There was more ceremony and celebration at China's Civil Affairs Office when they said she was ours.  At least we had our photo taken with the two country flags and representatives of the orphanage.  Probably the high point of today was when she threw up all over the floor of the lobby.

But, the end result is the end result. 

Here is a picture of the Westin Hotel where the consulate is located (you can't have electronics inside the waiting area).

We went swimming for an hour or so, much to Eva's delight, and then she took a 45 minute bath, talking to herself and repeatedly grooming her hair.  She tried to dress it up herself afterwards but finally let Little Baby give her a hand.  Guess she will follow in the family tradition and let it grow to her waist or below-wherever it decides to stop-because she really likes having it done, and she dislikes it when Little Baby puts her own hair back in a ponytail; she wants it loose.  Here are the results of the two girls' handiwork.  (Oh, and Eva chose the outfit herself-pink top, orange socks, and purple pants-April G. would be so proud of her fashion sense!)


09/27/2011 5:22am

Morning Ruby - or should I say evening? ;) Thanks for the candid post prior - I would like to think that anyone who goes into adoption goes in with open eyes, but I know that such is not always the case!

You on the other hand - have more courage than I! I've always been afraid of the adoption of a 5+ year old - and no - I can't explain bride is a "kid whisperer" anyway - but I've never been able to make that leap...ah well...perhaps a hangover of RHS.

Great joy for you guys - I think you are doing GREAT!

hugs - aus and co.


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