The Internet at home continues to be problematic.  We had the tech here about 1-1/2 weeks ago and this Thursday he will be back, this time to replace our modem.  So my posts will be scarce and the photos probably scarcer.

In today's mail we got the Provisional Approval.  Estimated time between LOA and this is two weeks; in our case it was three.  So I re-projected upcoming dates using the longest estimate given and this would probably still mean travel in September (right around the equinox), just a little bit later.  That's okay.

P.S.  Eva received her care package.  So now I'm going to arrange the sending of our family booklet-photos, names, etc.


07/06/2011 3:43am

"So now I'm going to arrange for"... I give up - what? ;)

Reach out via e-mail and I can give you a phone number for tech support - mine! Still - you can't fix a bad dsl modem - they just need to be replaced! Good luck with that one!!

hugs - aus and co.

07/06/2011 5:35am


07/08/2011 7:57pm

Yeah for approval!

07/11/2011 12:57pm

Does that mean you will miss a bit of school? Or were you already planning on taking a certain amount of time off?

07/12/2011 6:04am

Hi Jennifer,
Yes, I will be taking some time off from school. Not sure if it will be 8 or 10 weeks. A lot depends on the timing. My husband is a self-employed painter and he is usually home from early December through the holidays (people don't want workers in their homes over the holidays) so we may be able to do some consecutive time at home. It also depends on her foot surgery and what is required for appointments afterwards-she will need several castings but I don't know how frequently the casts will be changed.


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