Summer means longer days, nights off, and time with the grandchildren.  No, we're not out of school yet and there are so many activities that I could spend every night there if I attended them all, but we're close...really close!
They are all growing like weeds.  How cute is the little one, just eight months old and trying to get around the house on her own?  She rocks a little and gradually slides backwards right now.
I've decided that every weekend this year I will have an outdoor project.  Last week I moved a lot of plants to what I hope will be a wall of blooms-I have hosta, daylily, monarda, phlox, and liatris planted (among the grass).  This week I put the steps on one of our silver maples so that Aidan can climb the tree.  All three boys pictured gave me a hand with this project.


06/05/2011 4:35pm

Do you never sleep??? I get tired just reading your blog :)

06/06/2011 4:04am

Morning Ruby - cool stuff!! You and Marie should get together on plants - our yard rivals the botanical gardens here in Cincy!!

hugs - aus and co.

06/06/2011 5:31am


I just wanted to so a special thank you for taking the time to read Birthed in Our Hearts. I enjoy hearing from you and I'm hoping you will continue as we are in China. I want to hear from people back stateside as I know I'll miss home.


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