An online friend was adopting her daughter from Anshun City this spring.  She said that she would be on the lookout for a six year old girl with turned feet and take pictures if she could.  She couldn't, but when she got the disposable camera pictures developed that the nannies had used for her, my daughter was in several of the shots.  So here is a picture of Eva, with long hair and bangs.  Quite a change!
And here she is with a smile.
So I think it's safe to assume that she has been moved out of her foster home and into the orphanage to wait for us. 


07/01/2010 5:59am

Morning - nice pic's and great that you were able to get them! One thought - while you may be correct, that she is back at an SWI to wait for you guys - that might not be the case. Our son (latest adoption) was in foster care, but all of the pic's we got of him were taken at the SWI (didn't know that until we had a chance to visit the SWI during our adoption trip). I'm guessing that the foster parents have to take them back every so often for assessment. Our son was eventually moved back to the SWI for a few weeks though.

hugs - aus and co.

07/01/2010 6:39am

YAY! I am sooo excited to know that it was her!!! I was so hoping to be able to see Eva in person, but maybe this is the next best thing!! If it helps at all, I think these pictures were taken just a few days before we got Faith.


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