We got the pool filled enough for the kids to cool off.  PB and I went toy store shopping with the three boys-what fun-and Aidan got a baseball bat, plus I picked up birthday gifts for BB and RB.  And today we went to BB's first birthday party.  Then on the way home I stopped in the meadow where my brothers were haying and took these shots of my nephew's kids on the hay and my brother on the tractor.
LB's hair is almost as blue as the pool lining, though you can't really tell in this picture of she and MB

Some people think one year olds need motorized cars.  Here is BB with a remote controlled car run by his uncle, behind him.  And then, like most kids, he wanted to play with the packaging more than the toys.



09/12/2009 4:31pm

Too funny talking about grand-nephew, as we have many "grands" too. Happy Birthday to all!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for ONE Year!


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