Big Days



Yesterday was RB's third birthday party.  Today is my great nephews's second birthday party.  And tomorrow is Aidan's first day of kindergarten. 

The first two are very exciting, but the third one is very scary for my son.  I will be going in to work late so that I can take him to school, and G will be leaving work early to pick him up (he is terrified that we will put him on a bus-a bus took him away from his foster home, remember) and just plain scared of the change.  This week I sent him to his old daycare, which he loved after the first few days, and still he cried the first morning.  His best friend was out on vacation, so that added to his upset, and of course he was not used to getting up and leaving the house early in the morning, either-part of why I sent him.  So this week will definitely be tough.

Birthday Party #1

RB's best friend (center) and Aidan's beloved daycare teacher, both guests at the party.
The birthday boy with LB

Kindergarten Open House

Birthday Party #2

The two year old birthday boy

His Sisters
His Parents-My Nephew and His Wife


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